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Silent Concert

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When 8-year-old Emma starts a new school, she’s not excited–she’s terrified! Emma is deaf, reads lips well, speaks some and loves music, but what makes her different from her classmates is what the class bully focuses on. Though hurt, Emma is determined, with help from teachers and classmates, to teach the bully what a concert sounds like to her. Join Emma and her new friends as they put on a “silent concert” to teach others that we’re more alike than we know.

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Cover-house of sound

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Emma is scared. It is the first day of school and she wonders if she will like her new school and her new teacher. Will the kids like her or make fun of her because she is deaf? Emma loves music and creates concerts in her mind. Can Emma use her love of music to teach her classmates how she hears the world? Let’s find out!

Cover-freaky sneakers

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Emma may have been born deaf, but she doesn’t let that stop her from living a normal life. In this second book in the Emma series, eight-year-old Emma once again encounters prejudice and bullying from her hearing classmates. But Emma’s Magic Closet has the answer!

Cover-thumbs up

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