Where’s MJ?

 MJ sharing her book, Teddy No Stuff
Come see where MJ is on her travels



MJ eats at Cellar 6

(Left to Right: Taylor, MJ, and Rachael at Cellar 6 in St. Augustine, MJ and Ina Clegg have a Marvelous Dinner at Cellar 6 MJ’s favorite restaurant in St. Augustine)

MJ at her home


Frankensence working on Kim’s computer setting up volunteer appointments for MJ at Early Learning Coalition


MJ at Office Max, MJ with Mr. G at Office Max


Stockton Elementary – MJ speaks to K – 1 st graders about Thumbs Up- Alice Asparagus, Brenda Broccoli, and Caroline Cauliflower



Teddy No Stuff & MJ with Teddy and their book


MJ at the Raintree Restaurant in St. Augustine, FL


MJ at Ripley’s Believe It or Not in St. Augustine, FL


MJ’s Out of State Travels

(Left to Right: Suzanne Bloom author of A Splendid Friend Indeed and book award Theodor Seuss Geisel Beginning Reader Award – Honor Book 2006. Suzanne is MJ’s mentor at Highlights Magazine workshops., MJ at Jekyll Island)



Betty Coffee has purchased MJ books for her grandchildren Reese, Gwen, Leia, Rachel, Emerson, and Cody


MJ and Molly the pig taken in Passau on the Danube in Germany
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MJ’s International Travels

      (Left to Right: MJ at The Book Cupboard, MJ in Egypt, MJ visits the Deaf Students in Egypt)

      (Left to Right: MJ in Scotland, MJ with a Hungarian writer in Budapest)

(Left to Right: Julian Barnickel, Hotel Manager  gives a toast to MJ and her sister Jo-ANN on the Danube River Viking Cruise, MJ stands on the steps of the Budapest School for the Deaf, June 2016.)


(Left to Right: MJ visiting a bookstore in Bratislava, Amanda & Dory pose with MJ in Czech Republic after she signed her books for their grandchildren Chloe and Zoe)


(Left to Right: Bogdan MJ & Mark, All Waiters from Viking Cruise)



MJ at School for the Deaf & Blind in Budapest


MJ at Stonehenge in England, 2017

Left: MJ at in Salisbury, England, 2017
Right: Aly Anton, (Santa Barbara Calf.) Phil’s wife Malik Anton  (from Irving, California) and MJ


MJ in Bruges, Belgium, 2017


MJ in Gibraltar with African Monkeys, 2017



MJ made a friend, “What’s your name,” he asks?